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About Robar

In the scenic coastal region of Nova Scotia, a young talent named Robar emerged, destined to make a significant impact on the world of beauty and style. Growing up, he developed a strong affinity for elegance and sophistication, qualities that would later shape his unique approach to hair care, treating each client as if they were royalty. 

When Robar came of age, he moved to the bustling city of Montreal, where he delved into the world of fashion. He found himself captivated by the runway shows and eventually discovered his true passion: women's clothing, footwear, and hair care. The exquisite hairstyles of Montreal's elite inspired him to enroll at the prestigious Legrand Beauty School. After a year of intense study, his exceptional talent earned him a position at the renowned "Le Cirque" hair salon. 

In his early twenties, Robar ventured to the sun-soaked shores of South Florida. His extraordinary talent for hair design quickly caught the attention of the region's elite. Robar of Ocean Drive, conveniently located next to the famed "Forge" restaurant, became an instant sensation, drawing a diverse following that included a dazzling array of celebrities. 

Throughout his career, Robar's skills left a lasting impression on the worlds of high fashion and Hollywood. His ever-growing list of clients became a star-studded array of A-list celebrities. In fact, stepping into Robar's salon felt like entering a world where the pages of a celebrity Who's Who came to life. 

As time passed, Robar's ambitions grew. He established a network of seven salons across South Florida, and in 1994, he ventured into the world of beauty products. Partnering with a skilled chemist in California, Robar crafted a comprehensive range of hair care products under the Robar of Ocean Drive label. This impressive collection, featuring everything from hairsprays to mousses, gels, conditioners, and scalp stimulants, cemented Robar's reputation as a beauty industry innovator. 

From his humble beginnings in Canada to his rise in South Florida, Robar's unwavering dedication to elegance, style, and innovation made him a true legend in the realm of hair care and beauty.